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Increase your impact and income with the following services:

Customized Website Design

Elevate your online presence with a website, tailored to your business and with your client's needs in mind.  Have us create or improve this powerful tool so that you may attract and engage your target audience effectively. Our comprehensive website design services cover:

- Development and Design: Create a visually appealing and user-friendly website tailored to your therapeutic brand.
- Reformatting and Rebranding: Give your existing website a fresh look or rebrand for a renewed identity.
- Imagery: Incorporate compelling visuals that convey the essence of your practice.

- Copywriting: Craft engaging and informative content to captivate your audience.
- SEO Optimization: Enhance your website's visibility on search engines, making it easier for potential clients to find you.

Apply to work with us on your website!


Strategic Marketing Coaching & Consultation (Individual or Group)

Unlock the potential of your practice through personalized marketing strategies that highlight your unique offerings and values. Our coaching & consulting services offer dedicated one-one-one and group calls, tailored to your preferred frequency and budget. Delve into various aspects of marketing, including:

- Social Media Strategy: Harness the power of platforms to connect with your audience.
- Website Optimization: Enhance the effectiveness and visual appeal of your online presence.
- Email Marketing: Craft impactful email campaigns to engage with your clients.
- Direct Outreach: Develop personalized approaches to reach your target audience effectively.

Check out the Business For Baddies Mastermind for affordable, monthly one-on-one coaching, group coaching!

Customized Content


We understand running a business AND remaining consistent on social media presence can be hectic. Creating the perfect content to engage and attract your ideal client can be even more challenging. That's why we offer to create customized content for your business that you can post whenever you choose.


Here's what this service includes:


A. 30 Days of Customized Content: Get twenty-five attention-grabbing social media posts, including topics, captions, suggested graphics, and hashtags, that my team of seasoned content creators, will craft on your behalf that resonates with your target audience.


B. Eye-catching Visuals: In addition to compelling copy, I'll provide you with a selection of 5 beautifully designed photo and video graphic templates that you can pop recommended photos and videos into and pair with your content before you post.


C. Strategic Content Calendar: We'll help you develop a strategy and plan for the next 30 days in a content calendar that ensures your message stays consistent and engaging. We'll do market research on your behalf to see what's trending in your niche and make recommendations on overall strategy based on your ideal audience and overall goals.

What clients had to say...

My website looks so great! Sabrina made it look so much smoother and cleaner. I'm glad I reached out to get help with these things!

- Faith,  LMFT, Therapy Practice Owner

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Ready to connect with more clients seeking your guidance?

Apply to work with us or book a call to get started!

What clients had to say...

This process was for my business, but also for me - to get clarity on who I am and what I actually enjoy doing.

Working with Sabrina has made my vision so much clearer, helped me understand who I really am authentically, and who I want to serve.

I could not have done this without her!

- Tonianne N., Licensed Social Worker, Coach, & Healer


Get the foundational understanding you will need to grow any successful brand on social media by investing in the SET UP SOCIAL self-paced course! In this course, you will learn how to build a consistent, cohesive, intentional, and memorable social media presence.

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