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Listen to the Business for Baddies Podcast

The Business for Baddies podcast is where badass business owners give listeners a sneak peak into the behind-the-scenes of business building, sharing what has really worked and really not worked for them in an effort to normalize the struggle and let you learn from our lived experience.


> This podcast is for those who want to build a business, but don't know where to start and need tangible, proven strategies.

> This podcast is for those who are curious about what it means to have a business and learn best from hearing about others' lived experiences. 

> This podcast is for those who want to laugh and learn from mistakes they never have to make (because their business bestie helped them avoid it).

> This podcast is for those who want to learn what it truly takes to build a business that creates both impact and income.


This podcast is in partnership with the Business for Baddies Mastermind where each month you get to share in the energy of success, surrounded by other badass business owners, get 1:1 and group business coaching, access to exclusive training and resources, and more, all for a very affordable investment in your future.

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