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Join our super fun, not-so-secret club (think "meet me at the tree house after school kinda club"), where you expand your magical marketing skills and practices, using the easy, fun, and effective marketing methodologies we teach you every month, to create a revolutionary transformation in your life and business By the end of the first call, you will have crazy easy strategies that you can implement immediately and that will get you *real* results, changing the way you think about marketing (forever & for the better). By the end of the first month, you will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and like you can in fact do this and like it doesn’t actually have to be hard. And beware, by the end of six months, you may experience an ease while marketing that you’ve never felt before, opening your laptop every week and feeling like you’ve entered a mythical new world because of how enchanted you’ll be by the results you’re creating. What you learn: The magical three-step framework that, once guided through, will increase your impact and income. Each month as a member, you get: Week 1 - Begin your whimsical journey with a 1:1 with your wizarding mentor, where powerful, personalize coaching unveils the secrets of marketing mastery. Week 2 & 3 - Attend a 45-minute group zoom call where you tap into the collective wisdom of your peers while learning the exact spells you'll need to cast in order to create those magical results for yourself and others, building your marketing practice and implementing the three-step framework. Week 4 - Listen to a spellbinding audio full of inspirational tales and magical methodologies on various business and marketing among other things, from legendary humans doing the d*mn thing!

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Magical Marketing Society

Magical Marketing Society

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