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Join the Business for Baddies Mastermind, a monthly meetup with an inclusive group of ambitious, badass business owners who aspire to grow!

Who it's for:

Established or aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.


What you gain:

  1. Stay up to date on trends

  2. Learn from peers in different industries about what's working and not working on social media and in business 

  3. Learn new, effective strategies for growing your social media presence and business

  4. Gain organic follows and engagement

  5. Networking opportunities

  6. One-on-one and group business coaching

  7. Learn how to best use social media platforms / features and other business tools to connect with your ideal audience and gain clients / sell products


Each month, you will:

Week 1 - Have a 1:1 strategy call with me and get personalized advice, business coaching, tips, tools and more for your business.

Week 2 - The success of your business will depend on who you know, which is why you will get to attend a networking meeting where you can connect with other business owners, gain referrals, and market yourself.

Week 3 - Attend a group zoom call and workshop different strategies on how to start and manage a business, get clients, navigate social media and more.

Week 4 - Listen to and follow a recorded training on business strategies, such as navigating sales conversations, how to create a business plan, what should be included in a website, and more!

Join now for just $47/month!


The Inner Impact Program is an 8 week group experience where women and non-binary beings learn how to embrace, embody and express their most authentic selves, using creativity as a means of processing emotion.


Join the Grow Your Grace Group, an inclusive group of graceful women holding the intentional, sacred space for one another to connect, support and empower each other. A place where they can come back to center. Come back to self. Grow your grace via increased self-awareness, community, and loving accountability! 

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