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My name is Sabrina.


One could describe me as an artist, author, advocate, goal-chaser, soul-searcher, and intuitive Leadership coach. My many passions inspired the creation of Sabiartistry, the platform which I use to support others. I have always loved the helping professions, which originally drew me to the field of Social Work. After obtaining a Bachelors of Social, becoming a Licensed Social Worker in the state of Massachusetts, and continuing my education with a Masters of Social Work as well as completing several other personal and professional development programs, I got a better idea of how I wanted to serve others with my time here on this wonderful earth. I wanted to use my skills to make an impact in this world and I'm doing just that.


Coaching speaks to me because it enables me to connect and create the change I want to see in the world - one powerful person at a time. I use holistic approaches to create powerfully grounded leaders. Via coaching, one is able to become reacquainted with balance and ease, learn how to lead from this place, creating a positive impact for themselves and their communities as a result.


Coaching allows me to see the change happen. I have front-row seats to the most impressive transformations of a lifetime. I get to watch people have breakthrough after breakthrough, accomplish their goals, and make a true difference for themselves and the world. I am truly humbled and honored to be doing such work and fulfilling my life's purpose.

  • Licensed Social Worker in the State of Massachusetts

  • Whole Person Coach Training via Coach Training World

  • Certified Usui Reiki Level I & II

  • I've helped thousands of people work through challenges in their lives

  • Experienced trainer and facilitator

  • Graduated with a Bachelors of Social Work with a Concentration in Women's and Gender Studies

  • Completed education in the pursuit of a Masters of Social Work 

  • Have practiced under the National Association of Social Workers' code of ethics and International Coaching Federation's Code of Ethics 

The Mission

My mission is to support impact-driven leaders in creating balance and ease by mastering their energy so that they may become more powerful beings.