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My name is Sabrina.


And I am a confident, connected, loving and courageous leader. 


One could also describe me as an artist, author, advocate, goal-chaser, soul-searcher, relationship & confidence coach, etc. I have invested a large amount of time and energy into becoming the version of myself I'm most proud of. It hasn't been an easy feat, but it has enabled me to thrive. In my pursuit of greater, I have found an immense sense of joy as well as incredible success and connection.

And I believe others deserve the same. I've made it my mission to support others in achieving what I have achieved; becoming the most centered, confident, authentic, and fulfilled version of myself. This passion inspired the creation of Sabiartistry and my choice to pursue life and confidence coaching. I have always loved the helping professions, which originally drew me to the field of Social Work. After obtaining a Bachelors of Social, becoming a Licensed Social Worker in the state of Massachusetts, and continuing my education with a Masters of Social Work, I got a better idea of how I wanted to serve others. I then looked further into the coaching profession.


Coaching speaks to me because it enables me to connect with individuals in a way that allows me to discover what makes them truly special. I love supporting men and women in celebrating who they are: Strong, beautiful, and powerful. It is my dream to support individuals in becoming reacquainted with themselves, exploring their passions, enhancing the quality of their relationships, and finding what leadership means to them. 


Coaching allows me to see the change happen. I have front-row seats to the most impressive transformations of a lifetime. I get to watch people have breakthrough after breakthrough and accomplish their goals. I am on a mission to support people in achieving change and reaching their full potential.



Are you going to be one of them? 


  • Licensed Social Worker in the State of Massachusetts

  • Whole Person Coach Training via Coach Training World

  • I've helped hundreds of people work through challenges in their lives over the last 5 years 

  • Graduated with a Bachelors of Social Work with a Concentration in Women's and Gender Studies

  • Completed education in the pursuit of a Masters of Social Work 

  • Have practiced under the National Association of Social Workers' code of ethics and International Coaching Federation's Code of Ethics 

The Mission

To create large-scale, positive change by supporting individuals in developing high-quality relationships, strengthening their confidence, and causing heart centered leadership in the world.

FUn Facts

  • I am a professional pizza consumer and currently hold awards in my family for the most amount of pizza eaten in one sitting. I am very proud.

  • I haven’t won any formal awards (yet) but am quite well known for getting people to share their life stories with me in under five minutes. Again, very proud.

  • I’m happy to discuss anything philosophical, anywhere, and at any point in time. Literally.

  • My laugh has its own fan club. It’s unnaturally loud, quite sudden, and more often than not funnier than the actual joke. It is so powerful, people inside a building and on different floors can hear me coming. I love it.

  • My ability to give and receive directions while driving or walking is subpar at best. I owe the creators of the GPS for my punctuality.  

  • Guilty Pleasures: Reading until the wee hours of the morning, watching Ellen DeGeneres videos, and marvel movies.