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What is the brand builder?

The brand builder is a 12 week program that allows you to get the foundational understanding you will need to grow a successful brand and business, creating a consistent, cohesive, and memorable brand!

What clients had to say...

Since working with Sabrina, I have been able to create:


An authentic brand.

A feeling of ease and fun in posting and in social media.

An outlet that feels good to use and express myself in.

Consistency in my new practice of building my Instagram.

Visibility and ownership of my life path.

- Joe Erichsen, Mediation Teacher & Coach from Joe Meditates



Review where your brand is at and what you want it to look like, including what you want your holistic brand experience to be. 

Market Research

Collect & use that valuable information to build a brand that connects with them visually. Explore what others are doing in industry.

Your Audience

Get grounded on who you are talking to, where they are, what they like, and developing your messaging and language.

Brand Purpose

Review your brand's mission, vision, and values. Get grounded in what your main goal is when it comes to branding.

Visual Vision

Create your aesthetic, developing the typography, colors, textures, patterns, tones, imagery, and more for your brand.

Mood Board

Create a visual representation of what your brand aims to convey in regards to overall look and feel using your brand elements.


Create online templates using your brand elements, including social media post and profile templates that can be used going forward.


Optimize your social media to promote ease for your clients, consistency, and progress toward your brand's goal.


 Increase the quality of your engagements by going deeper into brand strategy. Get support on posting and more.


Create and implement a plan / strategy to get your branding out there, starting to engage authentically with your audience.


Learn how to effectively talk about yourself and your brand, and engage your audience in a way that promotes your goals.


Create a practice of effectively, authentically nurturing your audience, overcoming any blocks and celebrating your progress!

What clients had to say...

This process was for my business, but also for me - to get clarity on who I am and what I actually enjoy doing. Working with Sabrina has made my vision so much clearer & helped me understand who I really am authentically. I could not have done this without her!

- Tonianne N., Coach & Healer from The Sunshine Sage


Get the foundational understanding you will need to grow any successful brand on social media by investing in the SET UP SOCIAL self-paced course! In this course, you will learn how to build a consistent, cohesive, intentional, and memorable social media presence.

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